Salim Mansur

Dr. Irfan Ahmed Al Alawi (East Africa/UK)
University Lecturer | Barrister at Law | C.Phil PhD | Lecturer Islamic Theology & Tasawwuf (Islamic Spirituality)
A student of one of the greatest contemporary recipient of the Prophet Muhammad’s heritage of knowledge, the famous Imam Sayyid Habib Ahmad Mashhur Al Haddad Al Alawi, Dr. Irfan studied and later taught Islam and other relevant disciplines at the traditional schools and learning circles at the hands of many leading sheikhs across the Muslim world. He is a student of the most famous Sheikh and Scholar of Hijaz Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi Al Maliki (Makka). He is also a student of the following leading Sheikhs to name a few -
Sheikh Yousaf ibn Sayyed Hashim Al Rifie (Kuwait) (Ex-Minister Kuwait)
Sheikh Yousaf bin Abdallah Al Gilani (Ra) Chief Custodian of Sheikh Abdal Qader Al Gilani Mosque (Baghdad)
Sheikh AbdurRahman bin Dawood Al Gilani
Habib Mustafa Al Attas
He is member of many leading professional Islamic governing bodies across the Globe, a historian on the two holy cities, Makka and Madina, Executive Director of Islamic Heritage and as well as being a writer for many Islamic journals across the world, he has translated many works in Arabic, English and Swahili. He writes for leading British Newspapers and journals such as The Independent, The Guardian, The Weekley Standard and The Spectator

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